Below you will find general information about healing process of your new tattoo for more detailed directions & advice or if you have any adverse reactions, you should contact your tattooist immediately.

1 Leave the Clingfilm on for 2-4 hours.

2 Wash your hands well then remove the Clingfilm.

3 Immediately after removing Clingfilm, gently wash your tattoo using only your fingertips, (do not use a facecloth, sponge etc, until the tattoo has completely healed) with a good quality un-fragranced liquid soap and cool to lukewarm water (cool water is less likely to stimulate fresh bleeding). Rinse the area thoroughly.

4 Allow the tattoo to dry naturally in the air (for about 10 minutes), or pat it dry with a fresh, clean towel – do not wipe or rub it dry.

5 Re-cover the tattoo with a new piece of Clingfilm.

6 Wash and re-wrap the tattoo (using steps 2-5 above) 2 or 3 times daily for 3 days. (Always ensure that your hands are freshly washed when cleaning the tattoo)

7 After the first 3 days you should stop covering the tattoo with Clingfilm and should start using aftercare product recommended by your tattooist by applying very thin layer, rubbing it into the skin completely and patting away any excess remaining on the surface of the skin.

8 You should continue to treat your new tattoo in this way for about 2-3 weeks, or until the tattoo has stopped flaking and is no longer dry and shiny.

  9 You need to avoid: any contact with dirt, oil or grease and other irritants as well as unwashed hands, body fluids, make-up, false tan and some skin, hair and body products. Soaking or submerging in water, direct sunlight or heat exposure, saunas, steam rooms, cardiovascular, aerobic or any other exercises that would make you sweat, thighs clothing and contact with pets.